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May 14, 2018

On February 17th, 2018, author, cyclist, father and partner, Andrew Tilin, was struck and killed by a motor vehicle as he was pulled over out of traffic to change a flat tire on his bike. Just like every other Saturday, he was out cycling with a group of friends - doing exactly what he loved to do. 

In this special edition of "I Could Never Do That," his partner, Shellie Thompson Oroshiba, along with her son, Ethan, and best friend, Susan, reminisce and remember Andrew and his impact through stories, photos, memories, and lessons we can all learn from this unthinkable tragedy.

Shellie is open and candid about her grief and how, through the unselfish kindness of friends and strangers alike, she is starting to pick up the pieces one moment at a time.

How can something good possibly come from this loss? Seek change, compassion, and kindness. Be vulnerable and open to love...just like Andrew.


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