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Dec 5, 2018

Marni Sumbal prides herself on dreaming big and working hard. It's evident in her work as a Board Certified Sport Dietitian with a Master of Science in Exercise Physiology in Greenville, South Carolina, where she also runs a successful multisport and nutrition coaching practice. 

It's also displayed daily in her athletic endeavors as a 14x IRONMAN finisher and 6x World Championship Qualifier.

Today, she discusses the fruits of her latest dream come true - her new book called Essential Sports Nutrition - A Guide to Optimal Performance for Every Active Person.

Essential Sports Nutrition is the new authoritative reference to eat right for an active lifestyle.

Sports nutrition is a vital element for reaching peak physical performance. To maximize workouts and athletic ability, Essential Sports Nutrition offers the most up-to-date nutritional guidance along with delicious recipes to make eating right for an active lifestyle, easy.



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