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Nov 27, 2017

From Susan's Website:

They were unlikely friends. She was a young, overweight college professor with a pack-a-day habit and a bad attitude. He was her boss, and an accomplished Ironman triathlete. She was a whiner, he was a hardass. He had his shit together, she most assuredly did not. Yet Susan and Carlos shared a deep and abiding friendship that traversed life, sport, illness, death, and everything in between.

Amusing and poignant, Life’s Too Short To Go So F*cking Slow is about running and triathlon, growth and heartbreak, and an epic friendship that went the distance.

In this interview with Author, Susan Lacke, we talk about the important role Carlos played in her life at a time when pretty much everything around her was falling apart. She shares some humorous "dumbass" moments in her own triathlon journey and why, no matter what, it's important to challenge and surround yourself with people who push you to be a better version of yourself than you ever thought possible. 

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